Zomeracademie 2017

Body Narratives
Paulo Guerreiro en Pipo Tafel

This new workshops focuses on the following question: how to create interesting images in space using dance and movement? Through improvisations, exercises in real-time composition and various strategies for movement compostition, you will explore together with the other participants both your own body and that of the others, the environment and the context in which you move and ‘the moment’ that you all share.
Together with this sensorial and circumstancial approach, you will engage in more cognitive reflection, analyses and collective exchange.

This workshop is a laboratory in which the connection between ideas and actions is examined: How do I transfer my thoughts into movement? How do I think with my body? The focus is on awareness, sensibilty and perception. While working on a performance, choreography, dance film, spatial installation, etc. you conduct your own artistic search, the process being more important than the product.

This workshop is given in English. Dance experience is not a requirement but an open attitude and curiosity are more than welcome. Bring along comfortable clothes, your own recording equipment (audio, video, photography) and inspiring material: books, articles, objects/materials and ideas you want to experiment with.

Have a look at the booklet of last years Body Narratives workshop at the Zomeracademie


Pipo Tafel

graduated in media arts at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design and studied contemporary dance in Germany, France and Belgium.  He is a passionate dancer and film enthusiast and creates moving images for dance companies, theatres and companies. His artistic work has won awards and scholarships including the Culture Prize for Film and Media Art (Baden-Württembergischer Kulturpreis Förderpreis) and the Walter Fink Award of the ZKM for Dance, Electro-acoustic Music and Media. He is a guest lecturer in dance and media since 2010, among others at the Palucca University for Dance in Dresden.

Paulo Guerreiro

lives and works in Belgium. He studied choreography at the Academy of Dance in Lisbon and worked with several choreographers throughout Europe. His own work takes on very different forms of expression (choreography, video art, installations...), in which the body is always the central element. Paolo presents his projects in several theatres, museums and galleries in Europe. Lately, he also works as a coach on body awareness, creativity and movement for organisations such as De Veerman, l’O and Cacao Bleu.