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Artistic. Groundbreaking. Creative environment.

These are a few words you could use to describe our Summer Academy.

Although refreshing, intense or an explosion of creativity could also apply.


For more than 15 years De Veerman and Destelheide have been joining forces to offer roughly a hundred creative souls a framework and an opportunity to immerse themselves in an art discipline. 


Artistic research, experimentation and creation, that too is the Summer Academy.


Ten ateliers for creators.

Seven days long.

In the green surroundings of Dworp, near Brussels.

An artistic working week in which you are guided by professional coaches and can find inspiration in yourself, the other, the environment.

But in which you mainly make it happen yourself.

For everyone from the age of 18 with creative energy.

And certainly: for those who do not want to be held by their hand, but are looking for challenges to rejoice in their own practice.

Beatrijs Lauwaert

beeld, sculpture
Anita Evenepoel and Tine De Ruysser
Wederik De Backer
Pipo Tafel, Oscar Loeser and the Loopstation
​​Maarten Westra Hoekzema and Martine De Kok
Roman Klochkov
Els Baeten and Jasper Van Grunsven
Bernard Dewulf
Dirk Pauwels
artist in residency
Theater De Spiegel
artist in residency
Isabel Voets, Astrid and Zoë Bossuyt
artist in residency
Tine Joris and Toon Quanten
Desolation Nation - as they grow roots
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Destelheide is a centre for youth, art and creation in Flanders.

Destelheide is a modern, daring and cosy building complex of glass, concrete and wood on a vast and natural estate in the green outskirts of Brussels.



By public transport: Take the train to Halle and then continue by bus 153 or bus 155 towards Drogenbos. Get off at the Destelheide stop. 

By car: E19 Bergen-Charleroi exit 20 Alsemberg - direction Huizingen/Alsemberg

Carpool: before the start of the Summer Academy, you will receive a carpool list with the email addresses of the participants, so that you can possibly agree to travel together for a cost-sharing trip.

Attention: if you do not want your details to be forwarded, please state this explicitly on your registration form (under 'extra remarks').


From Monday 15 July (11 a.m.) to Sunday 21 July (2 p.m.).


You can do this via the registration form.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail and an invitation to pay. If you have not paid within three weeks, your registration will automatically be cancelled.


Participants with youth work certificate: 370 €

Participants younger than 35: 420 €

All others: 500 €


During the Summer Academy, each atelier has its own working room.

The participants discuss the concrete working hours and daily schedule with their coach.

Work is usually done in blocks of two hours, between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Wireless internet is available in all workrooms.

All ateliers have the necessary working equipment.

You may also bring your own equipment, but make sure that these are insured against damage or theft.

A few weeks before the Summer Academy, your coach will contact you for any additional matters.


If you cancel your participation before 15 June 2019, we will refund your registration fee, after deduction of an administration fee of 20 euros. Please note: this cancellation must be supported by a valid proof or proof of force majeure. Cancellations after 15 June will not be refunded.


If a workshop cannot take place due to a lack of participants or if the coach is unavailable (illness, force majeure), in these cases the registration fee will be refunded in full.


You participate in the Summer Academy as a private individual. There is no extra insurance policy from the Summer Academy.



The price of the Summer Academy includes overnight stays. You share a six-person room (3 bunk beds) with two other participants. With whom, you can decide during the first day of the Summer Academy.


The rooms are equipped with a shower, two sinks and 1 wardrobe per person. The toilets are in the hallway. Destelheide provides sheets, duvets and pillowcases, but bring your own towels and toiletries


As there are only a few individual rooms available, a single room is only possible with a medical certificate.


Special diets or food allergies must be mentioned on the registration form (under 'extra remarks'). Please also provide us with a medical certificate describing these. This way the cook can take this into account as much as possible.


Due to the strict HACCP regulations, it is not allowed to consume your own food in the self-service restaurant.



The bar opens at 9.30pm. It is operated by one of our employees.

There is a light and sound system. Feel free to bring your own music and share your DJ qualities with the other participants.



De Veerman (The Ferryman) is an artistic place where, out of love for and belief in the arts, people are being challenged and stimulated to explore new shores. Throughout Flanders the team focuses on a variety of artistic disciplines: dance, image, theatre, media, music, literature...


The docks where we moor our boat are inhabited by infants, children, teenagers, adults, new and old Belgians,  unconventional target groups, in short: we include all the elements of a richly diversified society.


De Veerman is certified  as an arts organisation  by decree of the Flemish ministry of culture and has a focus on education and participation within the arts.


Destelheide & Hanenbos are the two accommodations in Dworp, housing one team with one singular goal: to inspire and enrich youngsters, youth work groups, educational institutions and socio-cultural organisations (from both Belgium and abroad) by accommodating them in the middle of the woods.


DHarts is the art educational service of both Destelheide & Hanenbos, but is operating from Destelheide.

DHarts is building an artistic living environment in Destelheide by facilitating a continuous creative flow: organising rehearsal weeks for artists, exciting exhibitions, artistic trainings and workshops, international meetings and projects with organisations from Brussels and beyond.