© ZOMERACADEMIE 2019 - De VeermanDestelheide & Hanenbos

Artist in residence

Theater De Spiegel


A performance in the making, where a dancer moves on musical impulses that are indicated to him live by the toddler audience.


What if we put our young audience on the control buttons? Buttons with which they trigger a sound that is translated live into a soundscape with recognizable cues for a dancer?
A kind of choreographic box of blocks that can be used to create a new dance sequence each time. 
What if we ask atelier Récup to come up with a setting in which these triggers to sound and movement become fun and accessible for our youngest guests?
Then we get a triangle of impulses with an infinite number of possible combinations.

With ImpulZ, the term interaction takes on a whole new meaning: the youngest are in control without the dancer having to give up his artistic individuality. Together with the audience, each performance becomes a unique event.

During the Summer Academy, the artists of Theater De Spiegel will be using the set for the first time and two dancers will test the interactive concept: which cues can be used for interesting dance sequences.
Perhaps the audience will also be able to test the push buttons?

More info about Theater De Spiegel: www.despiegel.com​