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Roman Klochkov

Build your own stop-motion universe

"Ce Magnifique Gâteau" put Belgium on the world map for stop-motion film. In this workshop you can explore the possibilities of this animation technique.


Picture by picture, shot by shot you create your own universe in the form of a short animation film.

It can be a personal story, a daring experiment, a wave of frustration, a poetic declaration, a punchy video clip ... the possibilities are endless.

You yourself decide how far you want to go, working with paper, modelling clay and whatever comes to hand.

An iPad takes care of all technical problems. We have enough iPads, but if you want you can use your own tablet or smartphone.


Step into the magical audiovisual world where drawings come to life and modelling clay is full of surprises.

Assume the role of animation film-maker and give viewers goosebumps, make them laugh or cry ... the whole range of emotions is yours to explore.

Roman Klochkov (1982) graduated in 2006 from the KASK Hogeschool Gent with the prize-winning animated film Administrators. This film, and later also Natasha did well at international film festivals and both have won various prizes. Roman has also trained as a teacher and has given animation film workshops for some 10 years now.

And on instagram you can see the iPad sketches that he lets loose on the world on an almost daily basis.