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Beatrijs Lauwaert

Are you fascinated by visual arts?

This is your chance to mix and match: drawing, painting, working with clay, assemblages, collages, installations, pictures ...

Investigate, reflect, start a dialogue and step out of your comfort zone.


In this workshop you learn by doing: what makes an image strong, and do your images say what you want them to say? You will mainly work independently and with individual input from your coach. The daily group discussion will help you to view your own creation and those of others with a more critical eye, and give you a new way of "reading" the images.

The big challenge is to push back the boundaries and let images emerge by experimenting with different materials, along with a large dose of surprise and delight.

Beatrijs Lauwaert (1953) studied Monumental Painting at KASK. She holds a Master's in Figurative Art from Sint-Lukas Gent and is a graduate of HISK. She has worked for among others the Rijksacademie (Amsterdam), the Cité des Arts (Paris), the Belgian Embassy (Berlin), the Academia Belgica (Rome) and the McDowell Colony (USA). Her oeuvre includes drawings, paintings, photography, three-dimensional works, installations and performances. She has exhibited in various parts of Europe and beyond. Beatrijs has also given workshops in Image & Imagery in Flanders, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Russia.