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Dirk Pauwels

#collective process #improvisation #movement #dialogues #theatrical image

From improvisation to theatrical image, language and movement


Using improvisation to find a basis from which new things emerge.


Letting things grow out of nothing, from the not-yet-thought-of.

Developing dialogue through interaction.


Body, voice and gesture are the special human instruments for creating an artistic language. It is a form of interaction that gives a different insight into your own abilities, the power of the individual over the group and vice-versa.

In this workshop we use various improvisation techniques to search for a concept, a framework in which we can think up our story or stories.

We will work on developing a scenario or text, discover how the story takes shape, how characters find their place within it, and how the interplay between us can lead to a piece of theatre.


It becomes a development, a production process in which the main ingredients are image, language and movement.

A creative excursion in which the most diverse forms of theatricality can lead to something special.

Going beyond the every-day, developing a fantasy that conjures up unexpected power and enables us to discover unknown territory.

An adventure trip in which individual talent and vulnerability can be determinant.

Forming a group that defines itself.

Trying, tinkering and searching but not always finding, or perhaps finding but not quite.

If you want to dive, you must be ready to jump.


Dirk Pauwels (1944) is a visual artist who in the 1960s became involved in various theatre movements in Ghent with Eric De Volder. After five years as a creative artist and drama therapist in the Caritas psychiatric centre in Melle he formed the Radeis theatre company with Josse De Pauw and Pat Van Hemelrijck from 1977 to 1984.

In 1984 he was the initiator and first artistic director of the Nieuwpoort theatre.

In 1992 he converted the Oud Huis Stekelbees into Victoria, then in 2008 he merged both companies (Nieuwpoort and Victoria) to form CAMPO, for which he was artistic director until 2012.

Since then he has been a freelance artist, mentor and initiator for small artistic events.

In 2017 he wrote the anthology "There's a shark in the butter" and that same year he was curator of Theater aan Zee.

Dirk has won the Thalia award for general cultural services and the Culture award from the City of Ghent.