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Ben Benaouisse

© Piet Vranckx

Exploring in freedom through individual and group improvisation 

A workshop based on dance and freedom, expression and freedom, emotions and freedom, pain and freedom, love and freedom, in short: freedom. 


We start by accepting that everyone is allowed to dance. Just the way they are. Each one having their own story, their own past, their own desires.

We take a fresh look at the world in which we live, in relation to the life we lead, from bodily expressions to quiet movements. These exercises can take place anywhere, from the rehearsal room to the dining hall. 

The individual and collective improvisations form the central point of departure.


We go constantly in search of free expression with our bodies, our voices and music.
No dance steps, no ballet, no tango, just feeling at home in your own body. 

We explore various themes, individually and collectively, and convert them into movement and dance.

Above all, we give ourselves the freedom to unleash the unexpected and uncertain.


"You have to consider everything, the contradictions and the frictions, the beautiful and the painful, without excluding anything. That's the only way to discover the times in which we live."

Pina Bausch

Ben Benaouisse (1971) seeks to understand political, religious and cultural regularities as essential elements in his work.
Before tackling the world of figurative art he made his name with experimental theatre and dance performances (with among others Alain Platel, Arne Sierens, Latrinité, Victoria, Raymond Hoge and Michel Schweizer).
Benaouisse has followed an atypical career path, exploring various media without any academic preconceptions. He develops an artistic oeuvre that starts from the principle of appropriation, constantly seeking how he as an artist can add a present-day dimension to everything that has gone before. I am the dwarf on the giant ...