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Artist in residence

Isabel Voets, Astrid and Zoë Bossuyt



sound project for babies


A research of the sounds that babies hear in the womb and which they still remember in the first months after their birth.

Ears are our first developed sense. Even before we can feel, smell, look or taste as a baby in the belly, we hear the outside world. A sound that is distorted by a buffer of water and skin and by the churning, pounding and bubbling of the body in which we find ourselves.

When we are born, sound is the first thing we recognize.
How important are the sounds we hear before we are born?
How do we experience this first auditory encounter with the outside world?
What happens to us when we hear these sounds again?

Isabel Voets, Astrid & Zoë Bossuyt investigate and experiment with these and many other sound questions.
With OORT they want to create a place where a very young audience is taken along in the twists and turns of the sound. A place where both players and babies can explore through sounds.