© ZOMERACADEMIE 2019 - De VeermanDestelheide & Hanenbos

DIY instruments and (new) music

Bert Bernaerts AND Jo Zanders


#instrument making #composing #innovation #making music

Orchestre Sauvage


How can you push back the boundaries of your own musicality by working with self-made or experimental instruments?

How can self-made instruments be used in an artistic or educational pursuit?

How can these instruments be combined with classical instruments?


You will start by learning to make and play a number of instruments yourself: a reinforced kalimba, iPhone shakers, sea shells in various tones, overtone flute and wind instruments that make use of embouchures (developed by CFMI Lille).

We will then examine the various contexts in which these instruments come into their own, from music initiative to music theatre.


And for the grand finale we will all play a closing concert together using our self-made instruments.


In this workshop you will channel your inner sound artist in a quest for unique sound colours.

Workshop in collaboration with MATRIX [Centrum voor Nieuwe Muziek]


Bert Bernaerts (1971) is a musician, composer and music educator. He directs a number of quirky fanfares, makes music for theatre and – in collaboration with the Centre de Formation de Musiciens Intervenants from Lille – has developed a method for "creative music-making with self-made wind instruments."

Bert is a staff member at MATRIX [Centrum voor Nieuwe Muziek].

Jo Zanders (1975) is a percussionist and instrument-maker. He leads a number of percussion groups, makes his own percussion instruments and is constantly in search of new sound colours that he can incorporate in his groups.