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Dirk Pauwels and Johan Pycke


In this communal theatre studio we work with the most diverse forms of theatrical expression. Together with the participants, theatre maker/director Dirk Pauwels and music artist Johan Pycke go on a voyage of discovery to the unexpected, to the unknown, to sources other than those that people usually look for.

It is an adventurous trip where people try in complete confidence. Fun play, doing and showing, guts and vulnerability, humor and seriousness, beauty and whimsy are the undertones of seven days of intensive togetherness.

The individual and the collective each play their part in this event. Your input into the whole is just as important as carrying the whole.  

Are you interested in theatre and performances? And do you like searching and finding? Then this is your place! 

Max 12 participants​

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Who are the coaches?
Dirk Pauls is a visual artist and was involved in various Ghent theater movements in the 1960s. In the 1970s and 1980s, he formed the theater company Radeis with Josse De Pauw and Pat Van Hemelrijck. 

In 1984 he was the initiator and first artistic director of the Nieuwpoorttheater. In 1992 he transformed Oud Huis Stekelbees into Victoria, only to merge both companies in 2008 to form CAMPO, of which he was artistic director until 2012. Since then he has been an autonomous artist, mentor and initiator of small artistic events.

Dirk wrote the text collection Er zit een Haai in de Boter in 2017 and was also curator of Theater aan Zee that same year. He received the Thalia Prize for general cultural merit and the Culture Prize of the City of Ghent.

Johan Pycke provided music choices at Radio Central, Studio Brussels and TV reports such as Panorama.

For theater performances by Latrinité, Lies Pauwels, Dominique Willaert, Ben Benaouisse, Pascale Platel, Dirk Pauwels, Lieve Blancquaert (TAZ 2017), among others, he was also closely involved in the choice of music and the creation of soundscapes.

Johan has been Dirk's musical partner in crime for years. Like no other he immediately and flawlessly senses what musical support a look, a movement, an image needs. His musical encyclopedia fits in a flight case and especially in his head.

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