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Eleonore Pinet Bodin and Patryk Klos



© Eleonore Pinet Bodin



© Piet Vranckx

Laboratory of self explorations in relation to a partner

! Atelier in English !

This workshop will be divided into two phases. In the morning we’ll be focusing on the technical aspect of the practice combining the principles of dance (partnering, contact improvisation ) and grappling (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).

Through notions of 'games', we’ll learn how to let ourselves be surprised, to take risks, to give ourselves to others while maintaining a deep awareness of listening.

How can we find ourselves in the state of play and at the same time compose and make conscious decisions?

Embodying the interplay of resistance & non-resistance, notion of weight and learning how to read the body of others will be the main focus of this phase.

The afternoon will be more about movement research and how theatricality emerges through the technique.

Each individual carries within them their own identity, their own truth that has been shaped by their experiences, social codes, memories etc…

We will try to use this personal data to enlighten the invisible agreement that we have in a collective space and use it as a source of creativity to nourish our dance.

This workshop is open to all who are interested in self exploration in the context of dance.

It is important to be open to everything, ready to give and receive without expectation. We work with what we are and what we have.

max. 12 participants


Who are the coaches?

Eléonore Pinet Bodin is a professional dancer graduated from the National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance of Lyon. She has been working with many different choreographers and companies in Europe and Asia notably with Michèle Anne de Mey, Wies Merkx and Konstanz Theater, Judith Sanchez Ruiz company, Nicolas Maloufi, Rob Hayden, Agostina D’Alessandro, Poetic Punkers collectif or Gecko Theater company …

In addition to dance, Eléonore has received musical training as well as theater and studied Thai yoga massage. Three practices that she uses for her own research and creations.

After a semi professional football career Patryk Klos eventually encountered capoeira and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu during his Sports Studies in Amsterdam. The fascination of the grappling practice in the dojo led him to find other practices such as Contact Improvisation and Contemporary Dance. He graduated from the TanzFabrik Dance Program in Berlin.

Currently he is working with the company Not Standing / Alexander Vantournhout in Brussels. Next to creating and performing he also teaches his own practice that combines the experience of Martial Arts and Partnering which he called - Grappling Dancing.

Eleonore and Patryk found their common interest and artistic vision during the month-long dance program of Moksha art space in India, where they were teaching and mentoring a group of students together.. It is there that they started to teach together and develop their own research that aims to combine their experience of partnering work and interest in the different theatrical states of the body.

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