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Frederik De Clercq


How do you make a piece of music with field recordings? How do you enrich your music by using sounds from everyday life?

In this studio we refine hearing and we tinker with sounds. We find out when sounds become music. We go into the fields of Dwerp to make recordings and create unique timbres. With our ears pricked up and the recordings made, we explore what feelings or images they evoke and what each sound can be used for.

Afterwards we dive into Ableton Live to create (electronic) music pieces with the sounds, via sampling and sound processing. (Read: Can't afford samples or synthesizers? Make them yourself!)

The emphasis during this studio is on exploration and creation of a piece, although it is quite possible that we – for those who want – work towards a live performance of these pieces of music.

max. 10 participants

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Who is the coach?

Coach Frederik De Clercq has been working mainly as a composer, songwriter and singer since 2016. He creates soundtracks for theatre, audio fiction, audio documentaries or advertising, supervises socio-artistic projects and climbs the stage as a performer with his own music projects.

He specializes in sound processing, synthesizers, samplers and the creation of special timbres and thus creates soundtracks with a unique sound.

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