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Artifacts and designs for a care-seeking* future

Rone Fillet

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*Artivism: a combination of 'art' and 'activism'. Activist act from an artistic medium, point of view or method

*Care-seeking: actively participating in a sustainable future according to caring principles

This studio is our artistic and multidisciplinary lab for a week. How do our artistic practices and art relate to the society of the future, where ecology and all the challenges that come with it hang over our heads?

How can we, through our artistic freedom, respond to a world that is turning square? What experiments can we set up? What do we design? And what artifacts can we make that encourage sustainability, creation, nature, exchange, permaculture, surprise, solution, transition, art, wilderness…?


Everyone is welcome in this multidisciplinary lab who is or wants to be artistic in one way or another: dancers, visual artists, musicians, performers ...

Expect a little thinking, but above all a lot of (collective or individual) doing and making.

Take with you: a book that gives you confidence in the future, your own artistic material that you would like to use, adapted outdoor clothing and optimism.

max. 12 participants

Rone Fillet.jpg

Who is the coach?
For coach Rone Fillet culture and nature go hand in hand. She grew up in the Ardennes forests and the hills of the Pajottenland. After a passage at the VUB, where she studied archeology and art sciences, she ended up at De Veerman. There she works as a project coordinator. Where you see Rone, you see a sketchbook and a mishmash of colored pencils. Her dadas? Climate justice, permaculture, organic farming and how we face our future in this society. During the week of the Summer Academy, Rone also invites a number of interesting guests

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