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Stijn Vranken

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“I hid the ending and forgot where.

That seemed like a good start."

For seven days we immerse ourselves in a sea of language. We allow ourselves to be seduced by its fluidity, its vibrant rhythm, its sharpness, its breathtaking depth... We create space to tinker with our own material, but we also allow ourselves to be challenged and amazed by cross-pollination with other workshops.

And this time too, we step back on stage with our lyrics. Experience is absolutely not required here, we work step by step towards an honest but unforgettable show moment.

Do you doubt whether your thoughts are poems? Where is your literary strength? Are you a razor-sharp speed writer or a patient puzzler? Curious about the stage?

Under the inspiring guidance of Stijn Vranken, you will explore how language drives us, how it invents reality in our hands and how it embraces the reader.

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Who is the coach?

Stijn Vranken is a poet and performer. He has published four volumes of poetry and a graphic novel. In addition to poetry, he also writes theater texts and performs on stage with his own performances. Vranken is also the founder of De Sprekende Ezels, a monthly experimental stage for poetry, music, comedy and other performing arts. From 2014 to 2016 he was city poet of Antwerp, now he coordinates the city poetship.

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