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Jonas Winterland & Lennaert Maes


An infectious groove, a wonderful melody, clever lyrics…

Whatever language you write in, it is always the same building blocks that make a song grow into an excellent song. A song that touches people and lives on.

During the songwriting studio you will receive a stimulating writing assignment every day, which challenges you to grow as a songwriter. In addition, coaches Jonas and Lennaert will follow you personally and you will receive their years of experience and craftsmanship to ensure that you go home with a pack of new songs.

PS: It is useful that you play an accompanying instrument, but not a must to attend this studio.

Max. 10 participants .

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Who are the coaches?

Jonas Winterland is a singer-songwriter who writes in the tradition of Eels, Spinvis and Bob Dylan. He released 4 albums, including the MIA-nominated 'People are made of thin paper'. His songs made it to national radio, and he counts both Raymond van het Groenewoud and Tom Barman (dEUS) among his fans.


Lennaert Maes is the frontman and songwriter of Lenny & de Wespen. They reached the Ultratop Top 10 with singles such as 'Hey Marie', 'Plasterplaat', 'Everything is going well' and 'End of the ride'. In addition, Lennaert provided text and music for various music productions for, among others, Kommil Foo, Jan De Wilde, Eva De Roovere, Elvis Peeters, Neeka, Marcel Vanthilt and PP Michiels.

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