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Lennaert Maes


Do you like to write songs or do you like to write them? Then register for this workshop.

You will receive tips and tricks for a week, you will be stimulated with writing assignments and you will get to work quickly. To try is to learn. At the end of the week you go home with new songs and/or ideas.

It is useful if you play an instrument, but it is not a prerequisite to participate.

This studio is perfect for those who already write songs and want to sharpen their skills, but also for those who have never written a song before and would like to try it.

max. 10 participants .

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Who are the coaches?

Lennaert Maes guides the studio. He is the frontman and songwriter of Lenny & the Wasps. In addition, he wrote text and music for Kommil Foo, Jan De Wilde, Eva De Roovere, Elvis Peeters, Mauro Pawlowski, Neeka, Guy Swinnen, Marcel Vanthilt and PP Michiels, among others, in the context of music productions such as 'SOLIDAIR', 'iet me soul ', and 'Soundtrack of the Demerbroeken'. Lennaert is currently working on a solo album and writing new work for Liliane Saint-Pierre.

Comes in the middle of the week Ernst Jansz drop by to share his experience as a songwriter in a conversation. Ernst Jansz was a founding member of Doe Maar, and wrote songs like 'De Bom' and 'Belle Hélène' for the band. Ernst also made some very nice solo albums.

Want to know more about the coaches?

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