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Senne VanLoock

Short video, short film, short sketch?
Or short documentary, short autobiography, short ...

Video is the starting point, from there we look together to where such an artistic working week can lead. It can go either way. Maybe it's tinkering with light and see if we can capture that on image. Maybe we make images to paste over sound, or the other way around. 

In 'Kort' there is room to capture something yourself, or to tell something in a digital visual language. It can be a solo or collective project.

Put yourself in front of or behind the lens, share a story, an idea, a feeling. Ask someone from another studio to play some music, or create the soundtrack yourself. 
Of course there will also be video mounted. We are taking a few moments to ensure that anyone who needs it can find their way here. 

We look at script, story, light, audio, image, technique, editing and more. So it won't be a feature film.  Rather small, strong, warm, strange, touching… short and sweet, or just 'Short'.

You don't have to be a videographer or have specific prior knowledge. Cameras, lensesand, lamps, and explanations are available, but feel free to bring your own material. Your own laptop and headphones come in handy in any case. 

Max. 10 participants

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Who is the coach?

Senne VanLoock is active in everything audiovisual. After studying violin making and jazz music, he first started working as a musician. He started as an autodidact with photo and video. That became his passion. Since the corona lockdown, he has mainly been working on video, preferably within the artistic sector.

Senne is active at Theater de Spiegel, a music and figure theater for the very young. That's what he's on stage with, as a guitarist or live video artist.

A bricoleur and tinkerer, a playful bird and musician, someone who immerses himself with full dedication in everything that fascinates him.

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