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Els Baeten

Screen printing

A Knack journalist once wrote, "Screen printers are color whisperers and print wizards." And coaches Els Baeten of the Open screen printing workshop Gezeever and Harmen Liemburg certainly are. Whisper, conjure up and discover different methods to create and print your image: drawing, cutting paper, illuminating objects, collages, stencils or the computer...  Meet printing in rehearsal, then throw away this technique to discover accidental side effects in a monoprint.

For beginners and advanced. Beginners are first introduced to the screen printing workshop and all tools and materials. Then they translate their own handwriting and interests into silkscreen. Advanced students practice their skills, try out new aspects of the technique and look for challenges.

We only work on paper and cardboard this week. There is enough material in the studio to print on. You can also bring your own more specific material (after consultation in advance).

All participants work on individual projects at their own workplace. In addition, during the week we combine the manuscripts and individuality of all participants in a playful way on larger printing sheets. In this way, surprising results arise in a casual way, which are bundled into booklets at the end of the Summer Academy. Everyone goes home with a cross-section of what has been made: a source of ideas for new projects.

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Who are the coaches?

Els Baeten (Open screen printing workshop Gezeever, Antwerp) and Harmen Liemburg (NL) are both experienced screen printers.

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