© ZOMERACADEMIE 2019 - De VeermanDestelheide & Hanenbos


Desolation Nation - as they grow roots

Which roots determine who you are? Which roads have you already taken?


Is the discovery of your own identity an obligatory lonely search through a desolate landscape without clues or a handhold? Or is there a connection? And where can we find it?


Under the title Curating the Young, young people take on the role of curator and organiser under the infectious gaze of Bruno Herzele and DHarts. For Destelheide, this group selected challenging work by 17 young artists that, although very diverse, is connected by the contemporary themes of identity, (dis)connection and legacy. 


From 3 July to the end of September you can get lost in Desolation Nation in the entrance hall of Destelheide.


Do you prefer to be guided? Then take one of the flowcharts specially designed for the exhibition with you and let yourself be guided to the work of art that suits you best.


This exhibition is a collaboration between Destelheide & Hanenbos and Curating the Young, a project of AmuseeVous.