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Niels Goovaerts and Thomas Gravemaker

Discover the original craft of setting moveable type 

During this workshop you will practice the leisurely craft of typesetting, working carefully with lead and wooden letters to form words and complete sentences. Using starch and additional blanking material you then make the type form which you print on appropriate artwork printing paper with a printing press. 
You work with the tools of the typesetting trade: composing stick and galley, word spaces, interline and margin spacers. You will learn to tie up the type form, working with the 12-part typographic measure with points and ciceros.

In addition to typesetting you will also learn about the press, printing ink and suitable paper. We will be using two draw presses and a Korrex Stuttgart proof press. 
We begin the working week with an in-depth introduction to the materials and the technique. We then experiment with somewhat freer forms and illustration, within the technical possibilities. After that you will work together with the others to produce one or more publications which we will print and finish in a limited edition.

Niels Goovaerts (1969) is a coordinator with the Artforum/Urban Woorden art education organisation. He is also setting up an open workshop for slow printing (Atelier t) based on his interest in text, layout and craftwork.

Thomas Gravemaker (1954) is the owner of LetterpressAmsterdam, a unique typographical workplace in the city centre. Thomas brings with him a wealth of experience, with unrivalled knowledge of the work processes involved in typesetting and extensive international experience in conducting workshops.