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Bernard Dewulf

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Explore the possibilities of language and writing


Why do you want to write, and what do you want to write about? These are the first questions to ask.

Only then can you ask: who are you writing it for? In which style or form? What tone are you going to use?

Every answer raises new questions.

In this workshop you don't "learn" to write; instead you are given lots of opportunity and full freedom to find answers to all these questions.

Will it be a story, a poem, a column, a dialogue or a more theatrical text? Or something in between? The possibilities are endless.

Each piece of writing begins with language, whichever form it subsequently takes.


Together with the other participants and coach Bernard Dewulf you will explore the possibilities of language and writing.

Seven days in which to experience the pleasure, the sensuality and the challenge of writing.

With set tasks (or not), feedback (group and individual) and consultation.

Bernard Dewulf (1960)

is a poet, essayist, stage writer, prose author and columnist.

His subjects include among others love, sensuality, dedication and approachability. And of course language.

He has won various awards for his work including the 2010 Libris Literature prize for his book of prose Kleine dagen and the 2013 Stage Writing prize for his stage text Een Lolita.