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Martine De Kok and Joachim Gys


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"If you are a young artist, wondering what to call yourself, consider 'Multimedia Artist.' 
It's so vague. Then no one can say: "Hey how come you're a jazz person, and you're making a pop opera?"
Laurie Anderson

Do you write songs? Would you like to spend a week immersed in the many facets of songwriting? In this workshop you can do anything! Whether classic songs on your guitar, comic songs on your ukulele, or honest-to-goodness pop songs sung to dreamy beats: all styles are welcome.

Step by step we look at the building blocks that go to make a good song, and how metre, melody and arrangement all go together. For those who want it is possible to go deeper into specific aspects. The accompanists are versed in among other things singing technique, chord theory, recording techniques, accordion/piano, Ableton/Logix Pro X ... you name it.
This workshop is above all a quest for your own voice, for what you have to tell. Together with you we discover your own personality and how best to express it in music. If you play an instrument, be sure to bring it along! And if you don't, no problem, all you need to make a great song is your own voice.

Joachim Gys (1988) took to the accordion as a child and has never abandoned it since. In fact it became his gateway to a broad interest in sound and stage. Gys has shared a stage with among others Roy Aernouts, Bert Dockx and Jokke Schreurs, and has played hundreds of concerts at home and abroad, in various groups. Currently he writes and sings with Tenorin, a project that combines the Dutch language, world music and electronic music.
As well as being a musician Gys is an actor, producer, writer, composer, lecturer ... and more besides. 
He has set up a music studio in his own house where among others Blow 3.0 and Omar Dahl have recorded. 
In the theatre he has worked with among others Dimitri Leue, Manou Kersting and Geert Vermeulen. He has made music for Het Toneelhuis, and is currently touring with the production of Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf by KVS/Mesut Arslan. 
And as if all this was not enough he wrote and played for his own theatre collective Nachtkrab, with presentations at among others the Summer of Antwerp and the Klepperker festival. 
In 2018 he appeared in Kursk, the most recent film by the Danish cinematographer Thomas Vinterborg.


Martine De Kok (1981) is a creative all-rounder: she makes music, sings, draws, illustrates, acts and a thousand other things. She studied Kleinkunst (Dutch songwriting) at the former Herman Teirlinck Studio, and subsequently piano at the Jazz studio in Antwerp. As a musician she has worked with various bands and artists including Herman van Veen. With the same passion she also writes music and texts for the theatre (FroeFroe, Hetgevolg, Hetpaleis …), and as a freelancer (Uitgeverij Van In, De Wondere Pluim …). 
She has brought out two discs and an EP which she has also taken to many stages and festivals (Bokes in het Park, AB, De Roma …), both solo and with her band. Her songs are idiosyncratic and frequently minimalist, with sharp, catchy lyrics that bounce around somewhere between Hanne Hukkelberg, Tom Waits, Jonathan Forsley and fairytales. 
In 2011 she reached the final of the Utrecht Kleinkunst Festival, and that same autumn she won both the final and the public's prize at the Grensincidenten Belgian/Dutch song competition held by Nekka (non-profit organisation). 
In 2014 she played a concert in deSingel with a band and with a 40-strong choir (Hans Primusz). 
She is currently working on a new production at FroeFroe, writing and illustrating a children's book, and preparing a third solo album.