© ZOMERACADEMIE 2019 - De VeermanDestelheide & Hanenbos


Pipo Tafel, Oscar Loeser and the Loopstation

#multimedia #film #experiment #media art #performance

Live Video Performance


How can i talk with you about a text, a dance, an image?
Is talking something like creating a trace?
Is this what we talk about already a trace?
What if we create something like an image or dance and trace it?


In this workshop we discover the endless possible answers to such questions with the Loopstation.

With the Loopstation the camera is our pen, with which we "write" associations, metaphors and alliterations.


Follow it from close by.

Set the tempo of the movement.

Panoramic shots.

Speed it up.

Time and space.


The Loopstation creates a loop of live images (videos or photos), you can make five loops that are mixed and modified.

What makes the repetition so special? We examine this together.

Not by getting lost in technical details, but like a sculptor getting a work of art emerge from the raw material. 


Have a look at the video teaser of this workshop.

This workshop is held in English.

​​Oscar and Pipo (both born in 1979) are freelance filmmakers who between them have 40 years of experience with creative practice.

Pipo studied modern dance and media art, while Oscar studied philosophy and film montage.

Since 2009 they have collaborated on film projects and have specialised as visual artists for dance and film.