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Steven Fillet


Both the atelier and the waiting list are full. You will surely find something you like in one of the other ateliers!

An artist has only one duty: DO.

If you feel like 'doing' something in the studio that we would call art, we will get to work in full swing during the Image studio.

Whether you paint, make collages, installations or work in clay, this studio is all about the image. Searching for a visual language is a journey through 'doing'.


max. 10 participants

Steven Fillet.jpg

Who is the coach?

Steven Fillet is a draftsman, painter and visual artist. A man who does not like compromise but goes straight for the image and is always looking for the power of visual language.

“Steven Fillet is a conscious nature person who lives on the cadence of the seasons and connects art production to it that plays like a beautiful echo with the quoted reality.”
Luke Lambrecht

Want to know more about the coach?

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