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Senne Van Loock


Watching a video with your ears, or listening with your eyes?

It could go in any direction, maybe it involves tinkering with light and seeing if we can capture that on image. Do you want to make images to put over a sound recording, or the other way around?

Video is the starting point, from there we can see together where such a week can lead.

In 'Short Film' there is room to capture something of your own, or to tell something in your own digital visual language, which can be a solo or collective project. Fiction and/or documentary.

Ask your neighbor to hold the microphone, ask someone from another studio to play some music, or make the soundtrack yourself.

Place yourself in front of or behind the lens, share a story, an idea, a feeling.

A studio full of cameras, recorders, lamps, microphones, ideas, dreams and more,

An ideal biotope to get lost in for a week.

Of course we make room to edit the images and sounds, and we can discover the basic editing techniques in Davinci Resolve so that you can find your way autonomously in a video edit.

In a week we will work on concepts such as script, story, light, audio, image, technology, editing and more.

There is no room for a feature film, but there is room for something small, strong, warm, strange, moving, touching, and above all 'short'.

You don't have to be a videographer or have any prior knowledge, cameras, lenses, lights, and explanations are within reach.

Be sure to bring your own laptop/charger and headphones.

1TB free disk space or external SSD required. This also includes a computer that is fast enough for video editing. (Already installing Davinci Resolve is nice!) Some smoothness on a computer is a must 🙂. Bring your camera and lenses if you have them.

Max. 10 participants

Senne Van Loock.jpg

Who is the coach?

Senne Van Loock , an image maker and musician, is active in everything audiovisual. He started as an autodidact with photography and video, but these quickly grew organically into a new path within his trajectory, in which he is still active today.

Due to his great love for the artistic sector, he can increasingly be found in very diverse creative projects.

Active within Theater de Spiegel, a Music/Figure Theater for the very young, where he is on stage, as a guitarist, with object manipulation and live video, camera work and so on.

He is a knitter, tinkerer and musician, and neurotically digs himself deep into every new project. Perhaps also a bit of a nerd, with a great desire to playfully explore further and deeper into the world of image, sound, light, optics, video, photo, music, harmony, and more.

Want to know more about the coach?

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