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Julie Seiller & Jean-Marie Oriot


Both the atelier and the waiting list are full. You will surely find something you like in one of the other ateliers!

What if to touch was to listen?

The underline of this atelier is the connection to nature. What does this have to do with theater or art?


We are going to use the language and the tools of creativity, poetry and art to try and reveal the wonderful behind the ordinary. We are going to try and discover how we can connect to ourselves and to the other by reconnecting to nature. And is there a better place to do so, than in the beautiful green surroundings of Destelheide? Through unusual ways of making theater, we will explore intimacy with the public through the art of listening, inside the frame of a sensorial poetic experience. For the audience to be able to live their own story. With the tools and language of the senses, inside the frame of our natural environment, we want to create poetic experiences that raise more questions than answers, that open imagination and thought. First and foremost in a playful manner. Because as Johan Huizinga wrote, we are Homo ludens before being Homo sapiens.

By unveiling the poetics of our natural environment, we are able to see the forgotten magic around us. But also our place in this world. And explore how we can share this with our audience.

The atelier will be held in Dutch, English and French.

Max. 12 participants

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Who are the coaches?

Julie Seiller is a French actress, director, musician, singer and songwriter, an also a certified Shinrin Yoku practitioner.

She’s been working for more than 15 years with as main question our link with everything living. She works with landscapes, storytelling, music, senses, rituals … Her creations are about togetherness, collective unconscious and relationships. She invites people to walk, to experience an immersive concert or soundscape, a feast, a campfire with a night under the stars, and a lot more.

Jean-Marie Oriot is a French scenographer, theatre maker, and visual artist. He lives in Flanders.


He’s been working for several years with the Teatro de los Sentidos as a scenographer, technical director and performer. He works in collaboration with several artists and companies across Europe. His own creations can take different shapes like games, immersive performances or installations, but also soundscapes or visual art. He gives workshops and masterclasses about the poetics of the space, the performance as a game, the nature of the actor in an immersive performance, the creation of sensorial images.


He’s eager to explore the tension between the most simple observation of nature and the necessary profound questions that it raises. The fuel of his work is made out of numerous questions about our relationship with the world, with the others, with ourself, with the invisible, with silence, about togetherness and solitude.

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