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Els Baeten & Harmen Liemburg

Screen printing

Both the atelier and the waiting list are full. You will surely find something you like in one of the other ateliers!

Screen printing is a versatile and flexible technique that can be used to create powerful graphic work. By playing with contrast, color choice and the different materials that can be printed on, you will soon be on your way to your own signature. Before you know it you will have a rack full of results!


Beginners are first introduced to the screen printing workshop and all the tools and materials that come with it. They can then translate their own interests into screen printing. Advanced printers can further practice previously acquired skills, try out new aspects of the technique and seek out challenges.


Screen printing is physical work: you stand, walk and move all day long. You do not have to be a top-fit athlete, but good physical condition is a prerequisite for being able to work at a good pace.


Although printing on textiles can be done well, this process has its own conditions. To keep the process clear, we only work on paper and cardboard in this studio. There is sufficient material available to print on. You can also bring other flat and fairly smooth materials such as wood (after consulting with the coaches in advance).


All participants work on individual projects at their own workplace. In addition, the handwriting and individuality of all participants are combined in a playful way during the week. In this way, surprising results are created in a casual manner, which in turn contain ideas for individual projects. The results will be distributed at the end of the week.

You can do more than you think!

Are you planning to register for this screen printing workshop for the third time? Please first consider whether another studio might also appeal to you. This way you give other people the opportunity to gain new experiences. Thank you!

Max. 10 participants (Full)

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Who are the coaches?

Els Baeten (Open screen printing workshop Gezeever, Antwerp) and Harmen Liemburg (NL) are both experienced screen printers. Within the context of the practical feasibility of a temporary workshop, they know how to anticipate the wishes and plans of individual participants.

Want to know more about the coaches?

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