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Quan Bui Ngoc

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! Atelier in English !

Quan Bui Ngoc has given many workshops and lessons for the renowned Les Ballets C de la B. This summer he is coming to Destelheide! In the dance workshop, he wants to explore with the participants ways of 'physical communication'.


Which movements live in our bodies, which mechanics can we adapt to explore new territories? Quan will create a framework where participants can share and discover common ground as a group, even if they are rooted and trained in different styles. He will also leave room for some improvisations in which each participant will have the freedom to explore his/her possibilities, inspired by his/her own creativity.

max. 12 participants

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Who is the coach?

Quan Bui Ngoc (° 1976, Hanoi) began his dance training at the National School of Vietnam and joined the Hanoi Opera Ballet in 1996. Bernadette Tripier invited him to come to France in 1997.

In 2002, he collaborated with Alain Platel in Wolf; this was later followed by vsprs (2006), pitié! (2008), Out of Context-for Pina (2010) and C(H)OEURS (2012). Quan Bui Ngoc assisted Platel in nicht schlafen (2016) and Requiem pour L. (2018), collaborated on Lisi Estaras' Bolero (2009) and created with her I know a place (2009) . Together with Juliana Neves and Samuel Lefeuvre, he created Jump or Fall (2009).

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