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Frederik De Clercq


Is your hearing your favorite sense? Are you fascinated by the borderland between music and sound? In the 'Sound and Composition' studio we explore how sounds from your daily environment can become music or enrich compositions.


With recording equipment and Ableton Live we work to create compositions, songs or electronic music that have rich and unique textures. We build our own virtual instruments with field recordings and can even work towards a collective live performance.


Previous knowledge of music creation or software is not a requirement, but a willingness to use your ears and put on your adventurous audio tinkering hat is.

Max. 10 participants

Frederik De Clercq.jpg

Who is the coach?

Coach Frederik De Clercq has mainly worked as a composer, songwriter and singer since 2016. He creates soundtracks for theatre, audio fiction, audio documentaries or advertising, he supervises social-artistic projects and takes to the stage as a performer with his own music projects.

His works could already be viewed or listened to on stages and/or radio stations in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. He has specialized in sound editing, synthesizers, samplers and the creation of special timbres, thus creating soundtracks with a unique sound.

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