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Willem Breynaert & Hallveig Agustsdottir


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* collaborative: individual designs that are subsequently brought together into one whole

The ZA drawing collective of the Summer Academy 2024 can best be seen this year as a working week for people who enjoy working together in a collaborative way. Respect for each other's work and the will to share insights and solutions are key concepts.

The challenge is to share time, space and insights with and learn from each other, where we search for drawing focus together.


Own projects are given space during the afternoon, as a meaningful extension of the collaborative work process. We want to help nourish your own artistic practice through the insights and developments we acquire together. Beginning illustrators will receive individual, tailor-made guidance during the afternoon.


The message is to dare to deviate from your well-worn path (photographic illustrators let go of strict representation, small workers dare to take on big challenges, lonely illustrators feed on the group, etc.) and thus open yourself up to explore new paths and lines.


We investigate the world of signs (line, surface, shape, texture, color) that are created by the use of various drawing materials (chalk, tape, pencil, stamps, marker, light) on flat supports (paper, floor, windows and walls). .


And as during previous editions, we also keep a small collaborative sketchbook every day. That will again be the logbook of this artistic week.


We also intend not to exhibit a finished product, but would instead like to share the process with other participants of the Summer Academy. Finally, we will show our discoveries during the open lab moment, where we would like to 'test' the drawing experiments and show them to a broad and participatory audience.


Above all, bring your enthusiasm and energy!

Max. 12 participants  


Who are the coaches?
Willem Breynaert is a draftsman and visual artist who searches for the language of drawing in all its manifestations.
Willem is also a teacher at Hogent/Kask, where he opens the eyes of visual arts students to the world of images and much more.

Hallveig Agustsdottir
The relationship between visual art, music and sound has provided enormous inspiration and motivation to the visual and performative work of artist Hallveig Agustsdottir for over 20 years. She creates her own sound drawings, often linking them to other art forms such as music, words and dance.

Hallveig's thoughts and lines have also been following a second path for several years - the hiking trail. A few years ago, when she reconnected with the environment of her Icelandic youth, recognizable motifs of plants and flowers spontaneously started to grow in her sketchbooks.
She characterizes her very own way of drawing as an interesting language (just like Icelandic or Dutch) in which to express herself and thus be able to enter into conversation with the viewer again and again.

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