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- Drama, sounds and stories

Wederik De Backer

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Sound in itself can tell a story, apart from everything that is spoken.

A voice has an age and a origin, a voice speaks with emotion.

In this studio we will look for how you can tell a story with your voice and with sound.

How do you use a voice to build a story?

How do text and sound complement each other?

How do you build a soundtrack that reinforces your story?

Together with coach Wederik De Backer you dive into a sound world, and work for the ear for a week.

Write, record and edit.

max. 10 participants


Who is the coach?

Wederik De Backer(1988) makes audio fiction, radio documentaries and podcasts. His productions found their way to media companies and radio stations in Flanders, the Netherlands, France, the UK, Germany and the US. With his Ghent production Almanak, he won the Prix Europa in 2017, a prestigious European media award. 


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